Start Writing Code is on Instagram!

I wanted to make a quick announcement that Start Writing Code is on Instagram! I absolutely can’t believe it! It’s something that I really never thought I would do, but I feel like I have a very interesting perspective to share when it comes to writing code as a lifetime learner, to a professional software engineer, to an online teacher.

A little background on what you can expect from Instagram channel. If you want to get all of the latest and greatest learning content I have to offer, then the blog is definitely the right place. My goal for the Instagram channel is a little different. Yes, I am going to share helpful tips and tricks on what it takes to start writing code, but I also want to focus on more of the following:

  • My history in the world of software and computers
  • Real behind the scene stories of what it’s like working in software
  • Tips on how to get a job
  • Personal motivation to continue to learn to write code
  • Funny stories about work, code, and learning
  • My general ramblings on learning to code

As you can see, I want to help teach you to start writing code, but I also want you to be well rounded in the world of code and software development and tell you what to expect when it comes to learning to code for fun, as a hobby, as a professional, and beyond.

And hey!

It’s either going to go really well or be a total train wreck. Either way it should be pretty fun to watch.

Follow me on Instagram at @startwritingcode!

Happy Coding!

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