Here you will find information about whatever projects I am currently working on. These projects will typically be associated with some sort of 100 Days of Code challenge. If you are interested in learning about my philosophy when it comes to these types of challenges, check out my post on

Setting yourself up for success during a 100 Days of Code challenge

My goals with these projects are the following:

  • Learn/Improve new software development skills
  • Document and share my findings and source code
  • Teach others how to use these languages and frameworks
  • Show progress during development
  • Launch the project at the end

All of these goals may not be feasible for every project, but successful ones will check as many of these boxes as possible.


Current Projects


1. The Lawn Journal



I have really become interested in lawn domination by following Allyn Hane (The Lawn Care Nut). One of the important parts of a successful lawn care regiment that he recommends is tracking everything that you do in a Lawn Journal. While I can appreciate pen and paper, I’m a nerd. And as such, I think it would be a fun project to build a basic online Lawn Journal to help track what I am doing with my lawn and share this functionality with others that have the same interest.


Create a web based application that will allow users to track the following:

  • Mowings
  • Product Applications
  • Watering
  • Progress Pictures

After tracking this information, basic reporting will be available to see all of these actions over time.


The primary language(s) that will be used for this project are Python (API) and JavaScript (frontend). As needs arise, other languages may be necessary, but this is the initial idea.

Since I don’t have very much experience with React, I’m going to use that as my frontend JavaScript framework for this project.

On the backend, I plan on using the Flask Microframework to help with the API development.

Finally, for the database, I will be using MongoDB.


Here are some important links to help you follow along with my progress:

GitHub Repo:

Project Posts:

Applicable Learning Resources: Coming Soon

Hosted Url: Coming Soon