Currently Learning

Just because I’ve been in the software development field for nearly 2 decades, doesn’t give me a free pass when it comes to learning new things and continuing to hone my skills. On this page you are going to find a list of learning resources and content that I am actively using. These resources help me to stay sharp with languages and technologies I am actively using on a fairly regular basis.

Some of links you find on this page may be affiliate links. All that means is that if you click on that link and signup or purchase a product or service, I get a small commission at no additional cost to you. For more information please see the Affiliate Disclaimer page.


Learning Resources

Here is a current list of the learning resources I am using to continue to learn and improve my skills at writing code:

Resource #1

React Tutorial

Source: React

Resource Type: Written Tutorial

Topics: React

Cost: Free

Author: Facebook

What This Resource is For: A quick hands on tutorial on the basic structure and fundamentals of React.js. This resources teaches you the basics of React by building a simple Tic-Tac-Toe application.

Resource #2 [Full Disclosure: Contains Affiliate Links]

React Fundamentals

Source: Pluralsight

Resource Type: Video Course

Topics: React

Cost: Included with paid membership ( $35/month ), offers 10-day free trials

Author: Liam McLennan

What This Resource is For: Whenever I learn a new topic, I start with a simple tutorial like the resource above. Afterwards I usually jump to Pluralsight to find a fundamentals course to go through that will help me dig a little deeper into the topic. This course is perfect for that when it comes to React!