Welcome to The Lawn Journal Project

Welcome everyone to the Lawn Journal project!!

The idea behind this project, and these posts, is to accomplish the following:

  1. Improve my development skills in Python, React, and MongoDB
  2. Document the development process I follow using these technologies
  3. Share my experience with all of you good people!


What to Expect

Over the course of this project, I will attempt to work on this project an hour a day. I hope to make this a #100DaysOfCode project as best that I can. I may not be writing code everyday, but I will definitely be “working” on this project in some form or another for the next 100 days.

During this time I will be performing the follow tasks:

  1. Application Design
  2. Documentation
  3. Writing Code
  4. Updating the GitHub Repo
  5. Blogging

During this project these tasks will take quite some time, so I will count these activities towards my hour a day. 🙂


How To Get Updates

If you are interested in following along, there are a couple of ways you can keep up-to-date with how this project progresses. Feel free to try one or all of the following:

Subscribe to the Project (BEST)

Your best, and most comprehensive, way of staying up-to-date with everything happening with the Lawn Journal project is to subscribe and get automated updates to your inbox. In addition to getting updates on this project when they happen, you will also get information regarding:

  1. Setting up your computer to develop and run this application
  2. Links to my favorite Python, React, and MongoDB learning resources
  3. Thought process around design decisions
  4. Behind the scenes information
  5. Frustrations and bug fixes

If the extras sound good to you, then subscribing is the way to go!

Check the Project Page (BETTER)

If you are more of the manual work type, feel free to check back on the Lawn Journal project page periodically to see when new project posts come out.

Depending on the phase of the project, I will be writing project posts at different cadences. It could be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, etc. It’s hard to determine a fixed schedule, although I hope to send out at least one update a week as to the current progress of the project to keep everyone up-to-date.

By checking the project page, you will get updates like this in blog post form that will cover the recent changes in the project and some helpful code snippets. But you will definitely be missing out on the extras and behind-the-scenes goodies you will get from subscribing!

Check/Watch the GitHub Repo (GOOD)

The final way that you can get updates when changes happen is to simply head over to the GitHub Lawn Journal Repo and look for changes. You can also watch the repo to get notifications of when I have committed new changes.

This way you will at least be able to see the code that is going in and you can see what changes I have made.

Unfortunately, you are only seeing the code with this method. While that is a good thing, you won’t be getting the thought process behind some of these decisions or explanations of the changes that are going in. But you will at least get to follow the code and that is better than nothing.


Let’s Get Started!

Hopefully by this point, you have subscribed and are ready to start following along with this project. I can’t wait to share everything I’m learning with you and more importantly, getting your feedback.

If you are looking for a good place to start, why don’t you check on my post on

Python Development Environment Setup

and get yourself (and your computer) ready to follow along!

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